Terms & Conditions

Last Updated : 15/7/2016

The following are the terms and conditions (T&C) to which PriceFYI is adhered to.

Ownership :-

PriceFYI is solely owned by Apik Digital Designers.

Declaration :-

Upon accessing the website or using its services, the acceptance to website's terms and conditions is a default/irreversible action made by the user himself.

Purpose :-

This website is solely meant to provide information to the user. The provided information is subject to change by the retailers from whom this information is pooled-in.

PriceFYI doesn't endorse or feature any particular website, brand or product. However, offers given out across various websites might be used to display on the homepage or elsewhere on the website to enlighten customers of them. All prices mentioned on the website are in the currency of Indian National Rupees (INR) and is by no means subject to change.

Understanding the fact that the purchase of product is not made through PriceFYI under any case, the users are to also discrete that the terms and conditions/privacy policies/disclaimers are to be checked with the website where they wish to make the purchase from.

Product Description :-

The description of products is as much as accurate as possible. Graphics, pictures and others are purely for representational purpose.

Warranty :-

PriceFYI is not liable of providing any warranty/guarantee for any product it features. This is purely done by the manufacturers or by the retailers.

Reviews and Ratings :-

Reviews and ratings given for products across our website are left to be viewed at the discretion of the customers. It is purely self-expressed and not intended to play a part in advertising a particular product. Customers are free to give their opinions of the products, with an intention to help other buyers make better choices.

Links :-

The website's provision of links and hyperlinks to third party websites does not imply any kind of endorsement of that site. PriceFYI does not hold any responsibility to a customer's choice to access any redirection to a third party website or applications and the consequences thereafter.