Privacy Policy

Last Updated : 15/7/2016

Collection of Information :-

PriceFYI is committed to protect the privacy of every customer. We do not save customer information,beyond what we are allowed to by the law. The contained information includes the basic details andcommunication details of the customers and by no means includes personal and private information likethe bank details and transactions made. The contained information will not be shared or sold elsewhereunder any circumstance except for what is required by the trusted affiliated companies to keep track ofthe customer database in order to provide superior services or unless it is legally demanded for.

Email Policy :-

We do not spam the mail boxes of customers and limit ourselves to enlighten them about promotionaloffers and deals. However, the receiver of emails is also provided with an option to unsubscribe fromthe same.

Cookies :-

We use cookies on the website to help smooth flow of webpage. Usage of cookies helps us providecustomers with information that matches their requirement.

Copyrights and Trademarks :-

All content, graphics, user interface, design, format and other representations are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws, owned by PriceFYI/Apik Digital Designers. Usage of this is limited to non-commercial platforms without being modified in any way and also such that they retain all copyright and other proprietary notices and markings.

PriceFYI holds the right to change its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, providing the details of change tothe customers along with the time it would take effect from.