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4G, otherwise called fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology is a successor to 3G. Mobile WiMAX standard and Long Term Evolution or LTE are the two 4G candidate systems that are stationed on a commercial basis. Following this, the LTE Advanced has come up. These services were first accessible by USB wireless modems. Since 2010, WiMAX smartphones have also become available. LTE smartphones made their way by 2011.

Data Transfer: 4G candidate systems use the OFDMA multi-carrier transmission and other FDE schemes, favouring transfer at very high bit rates. Smart antenna arrays improvise the peak bit rate. 4G, as the name suggests, offers higher capacity for transferring simultaneous data, non-backward-compatible transmission technology, higher peak bit rates, wider channel frequency bandwidth and new frequency bands. It is said that LTE offers peak download data speed of 100Mbit/s and peak upload data speed of 50 Mbit/s. WiMAX comes with a peak download speed of 128Mbit/s and peak upload speed of 56Mbit/s.

Application: 4G finds its application in all fields today with the data rate requirement being high. The high speed of data transfer allows seamless interaction over 4G calling/video calling, powerful video streaming, multimedia downloading and uploading alongside other basic functionalities of a network with a data rate of atleast 100Mbit/s between any two points in the world. It also finds applications with HDTV, mobile TV and others.

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