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After wired phones or the landlines have shown their charm in the early 90s, they paved way for Mobiles. What seemed as a surprise to its users decades ago have evolved from their very basic forms to the latest ones today called the smartphones and phablets (Phone-cum-Tablet). Mobiles today range from basic to the most advanced versions, meeting everybody’s requirements alike.

Basic Mobiles: These models in mobiles include all the basic functions like making a call and sending a text. Depending on the type, they also include additional features like basic gaming, alarm clock, stopwatch and calculator. A few of the upgraded basic mobiles also provide an in-built FM. Inspite of the less features they come with, these mobiles are still looked for owing to their longer battery life, durability and affordability. Based on the type of SIM card slot, they are further categorised into CDMA and GSM. The most popular bands in basic mobiles include Nokia, Motorola, LG etc under the GSM category while TATA, Reliance are known under the CDMA category,

Smartphones: Features exceed the list when we talk of smart phones. Every brand has its own innovative features to woo the customers. Having the basic features like calculator, alarm clock, FM and stopwatch, these phones also come with downloadable applications to make life easy. Smartphones are about the size of RAM, the type of processor, the display, the high megapixel cameras, the in-built and expandable memory and the apps that come handy for almost anything. Smartphones have also evolved into phablets, tablets and other devices which have made their mark in the market. The most popular smartphone brands include Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo, Motorola which run on Android. Using the iOS, the iPhone from Apple is known for its unique features and quality alongside Blackberry which comes with its own OS.

Price: Basic phones are available in prices below Rs. 1000 and also those ranging up to Rs. 2000 and above.

Smartphones are priced based on the features they come with. There are smartphones available below Rs. 5000, some that range between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10,000 and a few more that are priced above Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,000. High-end smartphones cost more owing to their unique features and brand value.

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