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Moving ahead of the desktop PCs, the invention of Laptops has been a considerable achievement made by mankind. Meeting the main advantage of portability, laptops have taken over the world with the number of users it has. From kids, students to professionals, every one’s needs are met through this portable computer. Gaming Laptops, Professional Laptops and many others exist in today’s market. Most common brands in laptops are Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Sony and Toshiba. Each brand has its own variants and specifications. And here are a few important things that are to be considered while buying laptops.

Processor: The CPU of a laptop is called the processor. This part processes every operation that is to be executed through the laptop. Apart from single and dual-core processors, many processors today come with multiple cores. The efficiency of the laptop while multi-tasking depends upon the number of cores it is made of. The core units in a processor range from single core to octa-core. Intel and AMD are the two major multi-core processor manufacturers. Intel has made its mark with its Pentium Dual and Quad Cores, core i3, core i5 and core i7 while AMD’s APU Processors are well-known. Depending on the type of usage, one can go for the very basic model of the processor type for personal use or to the higher end of it for professional use.

OS: Mac OS X from Apple, Windows, Linux, Google Chrome OS, and Classic DOS are the widely used operating systems across laptops. Windows and Mac are the most famous ones. Mac OS is known for its highly secure features while Windows is used for its high compatibility levels and customizable user interface.

RAM: The RAM in a laptop can range between 512MB to 32GB. The performance and the pace at which the operations run through depend upon the size of the RAM. Usually 4GB RAM and 8GB RAM are preferred by many.

Graphics Card: The Graphic Card in a laptop manages the display of graphics on the screen. There are two types of graphic cards – Integrated and Dedicated Graphic Cards. The Integrated Graphic Card comes within the laptop and is suitable for a basic user. For the users who work on the graphic intensive tasks, animation, HD Gaming and editing, a Dedicated Graphic Card with a graphics memory of up to 3GB would be the right choice.

Screen Size: While considering the screen size, it is needed to also keep the portability in mind. Bigger screens are good to work upon while they consume more power. Usually, laptop screens come in sizes ranging from 12 inches to 16 inches, while very few go up to 20 inches. In common, the 14” and 15” laptops are the ones widely used today. There are mini laptops which are available in the market, with students being its users on a wide scale.

The aspect ratio is also to be considered along with the screen size. This talks about the height and width of the screen. Mostly the ones measuring 4:3 or 5:4 are opted by a common user while multimedia users and gamers use the 16:9.

Laptop Type: Netbook, Ultrabook, Notebook and Hybrid Laptop and Touch Screen Laptop/Touch Laptop are the most common types in a laptop. Mostly differing in size and design, these laptops also come with various internal specifications to match the needs of the user.

Storage: The Hard Disk is that part of the laptop where the information is stored. From 60GB to 1.5TB, the storage of a laptop can be chosen as per the requirement of the user. Many users prefer to go with a 500GB Hard Disk or a 1TB Hard Disk. A part of this space is occupied by the OS and hence the actual available space differs from what is advertised.

Price: Laptops come in varied price ranges. Laptops below Rs. 25,000 are available online with all decent basic features. Laptops between Rs.30,000 to Rs. 35,000 come with better RAM, graphics and processor. Laptops above 35,000 and below Rs. 50,000 are featured with high-end processors, graphic cards, better configuration and features.

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